Montessori Pedagogy

Montessori Theory

Dr. Maria Montessori has found that in the development of every child there are several important means with which the child builds himself into a human being. The most important one and available only at first six years of life is the Absorbent MindThe absorbent mind is an unconscious and creative mental state. The absorbent mind is a specific period in one’s life which goes on from 0 to 6 years old. In this period child absorbs impressions by every sense channel from the environment. At that age the child can not choose what to absorb, he/she does not differentiate between good and bad and absorbs everything. It is like camera that take picture of everything to what it is exposed without discrimination. All “images” do directly to the psychic world of the child, surpassing a logical mind. And there is an important aspect, that every image that the child had absorbed changes him, his inner world. 

  • One of the great discoveries made by Dr. Montessori was that each has certaintendencieshuman or behavior patterns. No matter where we live, no matter our culture or ethnicity, we all follow the same natural laws that lead us to act or react in a specific manner. We are all driven to: 
  • • Communicate
  • • Socialize
  • • Imitate 
  • • Explore (we are curious) 
  • • Move 
  • • Be exact/precise 
  • • Concentrate 
  • • Repeat 
  • • Maintain/discover order 
  • • Achieve independence 
  • • Realize perfection/Control errors/Improve ourselves 
  • • Control ourselves (physically, intellectually, emotionally) • Work 


Montessori Method 

In Angel Academy the environment is designed to encourage, stimulate, and inspire the intellectual curiosity of each child. We seek to satisfy student’s hunger for activity and development and empower them to become lifelong learners, who know how to learn

Children are grouped by developmental stage. Students of Mixed Ages help one another in many different ways

The whole atmosphere is Child-centered and all parts of classroom are scaled to size of students. 

Specially–designed learning materials are carefully constructed to provide children with a hands-on understanding of the subject being studied. The materials are self-correcting— the children cannot progress until they do the work correctly. This gives children the opportunity to learn using the powerful method of trial-and-error.

Subjects are integrated rather then isolated: students look at subject matter from a variety of perspectives, fostering learning in multiple subjects areas during a single course of study. 

The learning program is personalized: students follow Montessori curriculum. Multiple approaches to instruction cater to individual learning styles. Students work at their own pace ensuring that they meet these expectations. 

Social development is emphasized: a sense of responsibility to others is instilled in students from the beginning of their education. Students learn age-appropriate conflict resolution skills and how to work with others.



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