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Angel Academy as daycare and preschool is oriented to provide high quality care and education for children. Here we pay special attention for holistic body and mind development of infants and toddlers, and for preschool age children we concentrate on academics, social skills and personal development.

Daycare Environment

Our daycare as a facility takes a great portion of a big house. Sign-in and -out area is at the front door with our license and other state required  information as well. Here we meet and great parents and children. Labeled cubbies for children’s extra clothes make it easy for parents to load or grab some. Post office makes a nice place for daycare paperwork exchange. Hallway  provides open space for use of rocking horse and rocking chair that very much loved by every child

Our dining room offers good amount of carpeted area for fun and interaction. Light and easy to move couch is children's favorite. This place is often used for comfy reading.

 Work-and-play room is a large, open and well lit space complimented with child size furniture and developmental toys and educational materials

This room is connected with kitchen where we prepare vegetarian meals from scratch every day. Snack is also provided and we have no objections when parents bring their.

Dream room is a quiet place perfect for rest and nap. It features walls free form stimulating objects which allows the child to relax easily and get fast asleep.

Outdoor environment fulfills all childcare needs and regulations for safety. It is gated and fenced, full of open space, offers 3 play structures for different ages, two gardens, sand box , other materials and plenty of opportunities to be in touch with nature

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Education in Daycare

Our daycare facility provides developmental toys and learning materials of fine quality  for every aspect of holistic education.

At this age one of the most important directions of development is control and coordination of movement. It refers to both gross and fine motor skills. Learning and enhancement of any skill happens through collaboration and refinement of body and mind. Gross motor movement develops while walking, running and doing other movements of the whole body. Every material in environment can be carried around, some of them require high level of equilibrium. Fine motor skills are refining while hand is working. In our daycare there are many materials scientifically created and carefully crafted for this purpose

Communication is a very important means for expression of personality. We offer some signs from American Sign Language for infants.


Year at a Glance 

August - Transportation
September - Ocean Life
October - home to world
November - Farming and Farm animals (+ Thanksgiving)
December - Time, Seasons, Weather (Christmas, New Year)
January - Home,Friends, Family
February - Pets, Environment, I Can Help
March - Zoo Animals, Wild Life
April - Plants, Insects
May - Body, Hygiene, Clothing
June - Safety everywhere
July - City Helpers

All throughout  the year we teach age appropriate elements of language ( sounds, letters, vocabulary, writing...) and math (shapes, numbers...), character qualities (respect, patience, courtesy...), practical life skills (cleaning after one-self, using spoon...), refinement of all the senses.



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School Curriculum

Angel Academy’s curriculum follows established educational principles. Activities are split into different groups to ensure that each child's needs are met in full.

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